The Mental Health Benefits of Painting (2024)

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily routines of life and forget about your own well-being. I get it. I’ve been there. I often worked so hard that I forgot about my own mental health. I constantly put others before my own personal needs and it ended up leading me down a rabbit hole of extreme anxiety.

That’s when I learned the importance of my “Me Time” and decided to pick up my paintbrush. Having a project that allowed me to get into my own zone was something that changed my life forever.

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Watercolour painting is such a fun form of art. But did you know that painting can also have tons of benefits for your mental health? In this post, I’ll share how watercolour painting can help improve your overall mental well-being.

You’re Never Too Busy for “You Time”

You’re busy. Who isn’t these days? It can be hard to break away from your schedule let alone start a new hobby. Let me ask you this though; how much of your weekly schedule is dedicated to YOU?

You might not be making yourself a priority, and that needs to stop today.

Personal growth and achievement are not selfish, they are necessary aspects of life. What if I told you that nurturing and developing your creativity allows you to work more efficiently, become more successful and even reduce stress in your life? Would you have time to explore your creative side then?

Say Goodbye to Stress

Painting allows you to step away from the trials and tribulations of life and escape to a place that is entirely your own. It is a source of relaxation and self expression. When you are able to focus on your materials and imagination, you are able to give your brain a break from daily thoughts.

The effect is similar to meditation in that painting allows you to center yourself and pay more attention to what is happening in the moment, right in front of you.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Watercolour painting is a relaxing and meditative activity that can help reduce stress levels. When you immerse yourself in the process of painting, you enter a state of flow where you become completely absorbed in what you’re doing. This state of flow helps you to disconnect from the outside world and quiet your mind, giving you a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life.

… and Anxiety

The self-expression of art can help to improve your confidence and anxieties as well. Painting has been proven to increase dopamine in the brain, which produces the same happy feelings that we encounter when we fall in love.

Trying something new and pushing yourself to exceed your own expectations is an important part of overcoming anxiety because you are able to alter behaviour and thinking patterns.

The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” Vincent Van Gogh

Creativity is something that everyone has inside of them… but it’s up to you to unleash it to reach your full potential, build your creative confidence and take back your free time.

Improve Your Overall Focus

Watercolour painting requires a certain level of concentration, which can be an awesome way to improve your ability to stay focused on tasks in general. As you work on a painting, you are constantly paying attention to details, colour, and composition, which in turn helps improve your cognitive function and concentration.

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Boost Your Confidence

Creating a painting from start to finish can give you a sense of accomplishment and help to boost your confidence. As you see your art start to take shape, you become more and more confident in your artistic abilities and can feel a sense of pride in what you have created.

Increase Mindfulness

Watercolour painting is a super mindful art form that can help you live in the moment and appreciate the present. As you paint, you focus on the textures, colours, and brushstrokes, which can help you to become more aware of your surroundings and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

I personally love studying small details — like the way pine needles sit on a tree branch for example. When you notice tiny things like this as you paint, you can’t help but notice them in the real world too.

So, do I still need to tell you why should you learn how to paint?

Besides the brain and health benefits of painting (like building motor skills, decreasing stress & anxiety, and strengthening memory… yep, it’s scientific!), painting is just plain fun!

In conclusion, watercolour painting is an excellent hobby for improving your mental health. It can help reduce stress levels, improve focus and concentration, boost confidence, provide a creative outlet, and promote mindfulness. So, if you’re looking for a new hobby that can benefit your mental health, give watercolour painting a try!

Anybody can dive right in and let loose with a brush in their hand regardless of age, gender, or previous experience. Unfortunately, many beginners like yourself find it overwhelming and simply don’t know where to start. That’s exactly why I created the Watercolour Workshop. With a few techniques, tricks, and knowledge about your supplies, you’ll be painting your heart out in no time at all. If you’re interested in learning more about my online class, just click here!

When was the last time you did something for Y-O-U?

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Besides being a wife and mama, I’m an entrepreneur, artist and author of the Watercolor With Me book series. I’m from Ontario, Canada and founder of the brand Wonder Forest. I’m here to help you on your watercolour journey!

The Mental Health Benefits of Painting (2024)
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