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Have you ever heard of a travel vision board? If not, then let me tell you all about my favorite kind of goal setting—creating travel vision boards!

A travel vision board is essentially a poster board filled with pictures of places that you want to travel to. It can be an imagination tool for travel planning or simply just something that inspires you every day. They can be physical board or virtual – as long as it is within sight! For this blog, I’ll focus on the one you’ll craft up with materials.

My travel vision board has been a huge part of both my travels and life. These boards are great because they’re simple and act as a visual reminder of where I want to go. They’ve helped me plan trips, prioritize locations and activities, and discover new destinations I want to explore in the future. They were also a small part in helping me realize that travel is a big part of my life.

If you are interested in creating your own travel vision board, read on!

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Why You Need a Travel Vision Board

You’re a travel junkie! Or you dream of being one!

They’re great tools for travel planning inspiration. Here are a few ways your travel vision board will help you live a life full of travel:

– visualize where you want to travel

– travel planning reminders

– travel goal setting for planning purposes

– inspire you to travel even when it’s hard to do so

– make travel part of your everyday life—even when you’re in the office or at school!

– generating new location ideas

What Makes a Good Travel Vision Board?

Your travel vision board should be as unique as you!

A good travel vision board should be filled with pictures and travel quotes that mean something to you. It’s your board, so follow what makes you happy.

My travel vision board is simple and clean. It consists of mostly travel photos with a few travel quotes and travel mottos here and there.

On the other end, some travel vision boards can be very elaborate and filled with travel quotes and travel-themed decorations!

If that’s what you’re going for then go all the way—don’t hold back your creativity. A travel vision board should make you travel sick…just kidding. But seriously, you should be excited to travel to your travel vision board’s future destinations!

When it comes to your travel vision boards, make sure to do a lot of research and figure out what travel vision board is going to work for you. You don’t need any fancy materials (canvas, paints, etc.) to create a travel vision board—all you need are a few travel-related photos.

It might seem silly, but travel vision boards are very powerful in promoting travel. That’s why I’ve created a step-by-step guide for you. So let’s get started!

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How to Create Your Own Beautiful Travel Vision Board in 5 Easy Steps

1) Define What You Want Out of Travel

What travel goals are you trying to achieve?

Do you want to travel with friends, travel solo, or go on a family vacation? It’s ok to change your travel goals—your travel vision board should be very flexible.

However, it is important to define your current travel goals because this will help you keep track of what direction you want to travel in. Your travel vision board can also include pictures of what kind of travel experiences you are looking for (for example, if you want to travel on a budget, include travel quotes and pictures of cheap travel destinations).

2) Find Places You Want to Travel To

This is the easy part—simply find travel photos that you like and print them out!

I research new places through travel websites, travel blogs, travel forums, travel magazines, travel-themed movies/TV shows/documentaries, and Instagram accounts that are filled with incredible locations.

Remember, travel does not always mean going on organized (and expensive) tours. I love street art and graffiti because it’s one of the travel activities that allow you to travel without spending too much money. Search for travel photos that show off your travel style!

3) Create a Travel Journal and List Your Goals and Desires

This step is completely optional, but I like creating travel journals because it helps me visualize my travel goals and what I want out of travel. You can include travel quotes, travel mottos, travel photos, future travel opportunities, etc. in your travel journal—this will supplement the travel vision board!

4) Cut Out Your Travel Photos and Post Them on a Board or Canvas

This step is pretty straightforward. Pick the printed travel photos that you like best and post them on a travel vision board or canvas.

Refer to the travel journal you created if you get stuck—it will help you remember what travel quotes, travel mottos, travel photos, etc. are meaningful to you. There are many different travel-themed decorations that can be added here—have fun with it!

5) Hang Your Board Near Your Bed or In a Space You Frequent

Having your travel vision board near you is very important. In fact, travel vision boards work best if they are hung in places where you spend most of your time (for example, near the bed or near a desk).

This is because travel can often be associated with lovely memories and dreams that can be sparked by simple things. For example, travel photos of a sunset might put you in the mood to travel as well. Hanging your travel vision board near your bed or desk will help stimulate travel-related thoughts throughout your day.

Additional Tips

– Make sure to revisit your travel journal once in a while—you might want to change travel goals or travel style preferences.

– Travel vision boards are supposed to be very individualistic—if you travel with friends or family, create separate travel vision boards for each person.

– Use travel quotes to express your travel goals, travel mottos to remind yourself why travel is important, and travel photos to show off your style.

– Remember to travel often! Sometimes travel vision boards can be a little bit too strong, so be sure to travel as much as you can if the travel vision board is making travel seem out of reach.

When it comes to booking affordable flights, I love using the Skyscanner App!

Final Thoughts

So, are you already planning your travel vision board? Remember that creating a travel vision board can be very simple or elaborate. It’s important to stay true to the travel vision that is uniquely yours. Good luck!

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The Complete Guide to Creating a Travel Vision Board - Be Blissful Travel (2024)
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