Athens Ga Mugshots (2024)

1. Mugshots Athens: Athens-Clarke County Arrest Mugshots & Crime ...

  • UGA Mugshots · Trending · Arrests · Busted Bulldogs

  • Mugshots Athens brings you daily Athens-Clarke County arrest booking photos and recent crime news from the area. UGA mugshots included.

2. Mugshots Athens: Athens-Clarke County Arrests - Facebook

  • Here are all new Clarke County Jail arrest mugshots from Friday 6/7/2024. See them all here: ... Arrests is at Athens Georgia.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. Arrests from the Last 7 Days | Athens-Clarke County, GA

4. Official Website - Sheriff - Athens-Clarke County, GA


  • Sheriff

5. Current List of Inmates (Clarke County Jail)

  • Arrests from the Last 7 Days · Public Records Access · Sheriff's Office Fees

  • The list of inmates at the Athens-Clarke County Jail is updated frequently, with postings made after a 24 delay from the time of intake.

6. Official Website - Sheriff - Athens-Clarke County, GA

7. Crime News in Athens, GA

  • Crime news and reports for the Athens, GA area from Online Athens.

8. Athens Inmate Search - APD GA Current & Past Jail Records

  • Athens Mugshots. In the USA, mugshots and arrest records are considered public documents. Mugshots are freely accessible online from a variety of sources ...

  • Searching for an inmate in Georgia? Your search is over! Our thorough Athens inmate search index will assist you to locate the incarcerated individual you are considering.

9. Inmate Lookup | Fayette County Sheriff, GA

  • Please enter the full name of the inmate. Search expects "FirstName LastName" without the quotations and must be spelled correctly. Example: John Smith.

  • Contact Us

10. Inmate Roster - Current Inmates Booking Date Descending

  • Mugshot of PRESSLEY, TIYONA EDSHONDA. PRESSLEY, TIYONA EDSHONDA. Booking #:. 19JI13359. Booking Date: 06-09-2024 - 5:30 am. Birth Date: 04-22-2000. Charges:.

  • Departments

11. Jail Roster | Clark County

  • 247950, ABERCROMBIE, SPENCER. 1/28/2024, E48, ASSAULT-4. 241415, ACEVEDO, EMILIANO ANTONIO. 3/26/2024, G310, BURGLARY-1. 245101, ADAMS, MIKEL ERIC.

12. JAIL View - Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

  • 507 WHITEHALL LANE LAWRENCEVILLE GA 30046. AYANA, ABERA ABRAHAM (B/ MALE ). Status: In Jail, Visitation Status: Allowed. Booking No: GCSO24JBN012826, MniNo ...

13. 13 teens arrested after burglary, chase during protests in Athens

  • Jun 2, 2020 · ATHENS, Ga. — During protests on Sunday, the Athens-Clarke County Police Department said they were ready for any civil disturbances within ...

  • While civil disturbances were ongoing, officers were notified of a burglary in process at the Academy Sports + Outdoors off Atlanta Highway.

Athens Ga Mugshots (2024)
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